#Refugees, Media and International Law

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Covering the Refugee Crisis: Is the Media Getting it Right?


Around 3,000 people who desperately tried to reach #Greece this year by sea are either dead or missing. More than 600,000 refugees and migrants have embarked on the perilous Mediterranean crossing to Greece so far in 2015, on an arduous journey towards central and northern Europe. In #Spielfeld, on the Austrian border with #Slovenia, thousands of refugees wait everyday for onward transportation. Thousands more wait on the Slovenian side to cross. They are but a small portion of the world’s 20million refugees – half of them children – according to the #UNHCR. The media give them a voice and a face, providing important information and shaping opinions through public debate. Journalists covering the story can help society deal with rapid social changes parked by the crisis, while contributing to the reinforcement of democratic values. But are they getting it right? How well are they covering this extraordinary story of human suffering and social transformation? Are the yupholding – or jeopardising – the core democratic values of #Europe? Join us at this Round Table for answers.

– Mag. Joanna Bostock,Chief Editor RealityCheck FM4, ORF
– Prof. Gabor Halmai, Professor of International Law and Fundamental Rights Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Senior Visiting Fellow Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) Vienna.
– Tawanda Kanhema,MA, Al Jazeera, AJ+producerin charge of digital content, San Francisco
– Mag. Olivera Stajic-Fidler,Editorial Director DaStandard, Editor-­in-chief, DerStandard.at
– Dr. Birgit Wolf, IHA – InterEuropean Human Aid Association e.V., Lecturer in Communication Donau-­-Universität Krems, University of Vienna
Moderation: Univ. Prof. Dr. Katharine Sarikakis

December 2, 2015 19:00
Hörsaal 1, Dpt. of Communication, Währinger Straße29,1090 Vienna
The event will be followed by a small, informal reception.The event is organised by the Media Governance and Industries Research Lab, Department of Communication, University of Vienna. http://mediagovernance.univie.ac.at/

Source: Media Governance and Industries Research Lab » Refugees, Media and International Law

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