European human values killed

I always was proud to be a European citizen because of our social systems and values of humanity. Last year this – my – Europe I believed in disappeared. Last year I couldn’t think of the violation of these human values could grow worse. It did – I still cannot believe that the EU is paying billions to Turkey …. because we volunteers at the EU borders know how Turkey keeps people from getting to Greece – see pictures below. Billions are paid to a country violating freedom of speech and press, a country taking measures by killing humans….

I feel ashamed, angry and cannot believe that all this is really happening – haven’t there been a time when people sat together and agreed on human rights?

TURKEY/GREECE SEA BORDER – 18/03/2016Turkish naval vessel and tender trying to smash engine of migrant boat 4.5 m off…

Posted by SIRIUS.NEWS on Friday, 18 March 2016


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