Birgit Wolf with Dones de Blanc in Barcelona, May 1, 2011

Birgit Wolf (Stoeckl)
Gender & Communication Researcher, Freelance Journalist and Feminist Networker

Member of Directive Board of Austrian Autonomous Women´s Shelter Network (AOEF), WAVE Focal Point Coordination Barcelona; Research group HERMES (UAB), Consultant of Hèlia – association to support women suffering from gender violence, Plataforma contra les violències de gènere, Dones de Blanc, Freelance Journalist (an.schlaege, etc.)
Nationality: Austria (with Arabic roots)
Current Location: Barcelona – Catalonia (Spain)

Job interests
Consultancy, research and management in gender and/or communication related issues

Bridging gaps, social justice, gender equality, connecting people, communication for the increase of social intelligence, research for social practice, a life free of violence and poverty for all.


academic profile
academic publications
journalistic publications


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