sex : gender

Women as a societal category initiated feminist interest, constituted (and still constitute) the subject for pursuing political representation and gender equality. Following Judith Butler, both, sex and gender, as discursively constructed, with the consequence that sexed bodies cannot signify without gender, that there is no existence of sex prior to discourse, that gender, sex and sexuality, constitute as performative within existing power regulations and the normative matrix of heterosexuality – through which the category of women is produced.Whenever using en-gendered determinations, perceiving representations of gendered subjects, we can think of the non-existence of a pre-discursive, natural foundation of any sex or gender, but the performative (Butler) doing of gender processes within certain cultures and juridical systems and its intersections with class, ethnicity, religion, and different sexual practices.

“Terms such as ‘masculine’ and ’feminine’ are notoriously changeable; there are social histories for each term; their meanings change radically depending upon geopolitical boundaries and cultural constraints on who is imaging whom, and for what purpose” (Judith Butler)


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