#15M growing structures – changing strategies

Information about meetings, activities and organization of the protest camps (acampadas) are twittered, so twitter signs as key success factor of the acampadas, and the call for help at the violent police raid on Pl Catalunya at 27.5. spread by Twitter, so that thousands of nonviolent protestors rushed to help and did not move from the square. There are blogs, live streamings, Internet portals, including TV and radio. After the elections on 22 May (# 22M), which brought a conservative backlash, so that sthe protest camps even grow more constructively and continue with activism. Besides the organization of the basic needs such as free meals, computer equipment, Internet etc., thematic commissions (continuity, protest camp, migration, diversity, economy, health, international affairs, culture and art, etc.) have been installed in order to prepare concrete demands and measures for the societal and political change. Besides the permanent protest camps, many protesters take increasingly part in the evenings and on weekends. The acampadas since last weekend change their strategies. The night camps grew more and more conflictive as people without any political intention joined in and messed around. So the protesters concentrate in evening sessions for their general assembly, and on intensifying the work directly in the districts with their different commissions. 15M goes on working out.

Blog Protest Camp Barcelona
Web portal Protest Camp Barcelona
Live Streaming – Protest Camp Puerta de Sol Madrid


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