#indignant feminists

“It is a vibrant movement in which many women’s groups from the beginning onwards were active in demanding gender equality ,” said Montserrat Vila, the coordinator of the platform against gender violence in Barcelona, Spain. Thus, in the plenary they seek for joint interventions, gender parity of speakers, the agenda is open and participatory, limited speaking time to 2 minutes, and all can intervene with comments and ideas.
There have been discussions and polemics on the internet and even in the protest camps on sexist language use so that  some men too, only use the feminine. The saying “The revolution will be feminist or will not be” in the feminist manifestos and feminism as-ism have been heavily criticized. The protest movement rejects isms and institutions, they vote for learning by debate. The agreement on the rejection of fascism and xenophobia does not mean that feminism and gender equality is part of the basic consensus.
The Commission of the indignadas feministas (indignant feminists) on  June, 3/4 in Barcelona publicly held workshops on feminism, non-sexist language use. The workshops were very positive, indignant feminists thus become a focus of the protest camp, there was great participation from the other commissions and the public. The claims in the manifestos of the indignant feminists of Madrid and Barcelona, see gender eaulaity (for women, men, lesbians, gays, transgender and intersex persons) as integral demands from a gender perspective to the various committees such as health, employment and economic, migration, education, art and culture, they claim for (only brief version of claims):

  • The right to personal assistance for women, lesbians and trans to the achievement of emancipation and eridication of inequality and discrimination
  • Decent working conditions and equitable distribution of wealth, reproductive and reproductive work
  •  Recognition of the rights of migrants with no barriers of any kind, the rights of sex workers and their forms of organization and management; rejection of any police or legal prosecution.
  • Use of language that is free of lesbo/homo/transphobic, xenophobic attitudes, free of classism, racism.
  • Rejection of heteronormativity and compulsory femininity, overcoming the current androzentristischen knowledge,
  • Standard model of schools by inclusion of gender education in the curriculum to promote egalitarian, free and non-normative heterosexual relationships, overcoming stereotypes, emotional dependencies, and all forms of violence.

Also international issues are treated in a similar manner. The need for explanation and justification treating feminist claims in the acampadas itself costs a lot of energy which better couldbe used for creating more workshops, concepts, and other measures, but these awareness building work is absolutely important and necessary. La Independent, the independent news agency with a gender vision, is quite right: Yes, feminism happens on the squares right now!

Blog Feminist Commission – Protest Camp Barcelona
La Independent

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