#unesco: gender in education 

Explore latest data on gender disparities in #education in the @UNESCOstat interactive maps https://t.co/mWvpW5Tma8 https://t.co/AmmXRDKBDS 

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#gender equality in the media 

Five strategies for creating gender equality in the media https://t.co/gLTwnCbfpl via @theguardian  

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#safepassage : evacuation of Idomeni

Idomeni Evacuation: Inadequate Information And Services For Refugees (2016-05-27 21:03:44)

The evacuation of the biggest makeshift refugee camp in Greece, Idomeni was completed yesterday, 26 May.
At its peak, Idomeni hosted up to 14,000 refugees, who have been living there since the closure of the Balkan borders in early March.

The Associated Press reports that the last 783 people have now been transferred yesterday to organized shelters in northern Greece.

Many humanitarians and volunteers have expressed concern that the sites were not completed in time and people were transferred while works were still going on.

Many families and refugee children who were transferred from Idomeni to new sites in Northern Greece can not access “adequate basic services including food, water and accommodation,” said Save The Children.

In some camps a number of NGOs are already present and providing some level of assistance to refugees.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) noted that patients being moved from idomeni were “worried about the risk of interruption to their care and uncertain about what medical facilities will be available when they move.”

Further, the evacuation of Idomeni “cannot be considered a voluntary relocation as these people had no other choice, did not have adequate information, and assistance in the camp was drastically cut,” declared Loïc Jaeger, MSF’s Head of Mission in Greece.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) also expressed “concerns about the conditions at some of the new sites to which refugees are being transferred, including former warehouses in industrial zones.”

Source: newsthatmoves.com — via InfoAid ( biy.ly/infoaid | #infoaidapp )

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When Home is the Mouth of a Shark* : Gendered Consequences for Syrian Women Refugees —

By Stephanie J. Nawyn The war in Syria has produced the largest refugee migration since World War II. According to estimates from the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, more than 4.8 million Syrians have fled into neighboring countries (with most experts agreeing that this is a conservative estimate), and are mostly entering Turkey, Lebanon, […]

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“These critics (still) don’t write enough about women artists” —

By Pauwke Berkers, Marc Verboord, and Frank Weij In 1985, feminist art collective Guerrilla Girls created a poster titled: “These Critics Don’t Write Enough about Women Artists.” It included the names of 21 art critics and stated: “Between 1979 & 1985, less than 20% of the feature articles & reviews of one-person shows by these critics were about […]

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Migszol: Update on the Situation of Hungary — stop deportation

29/4/2016: Many are asking us about the situation in Hungary regarding the transit zones and the planned legislation that would abolish all integration contract. In this post, we have gathered some of the latest information on the situation: The situation is particularly worrying in the so called transit zone at the southern border. While access […]

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European human values killed

I always was proud to be a European citizen because of our social systems and values of humanity. Last year this – my – Europe I believed in disappeared. Last year I couldn’t think of the violation of these human values could grow worse. It did – I still cannot believe that the EU is paying billions to Turkey …. because we volunteers at the EU borders know how Turkey keeps people from getting to Greece – see pictures below. Billions are paid to a country violating freedom of speech and press, a country taking measures by killing humans….

I feel ashamed, angry and cannot believe that all this is really happening – haven’t there been a time when people sat together and agreed on human rights?

TURKEY/GREECE SEA BORDER – 18/03/2016Turkish naval vessel and tender trying to smash engine of migrant boat 4.5 m off…

Posted by SIRIUS.NEWS on Friday, 18 March 2016

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